We are indebted to George Hawtin for preserving and publishing the works of A.P. Adams. Brother Hawtin wrote extensively about Kingdom truths, which he published under the title of Treasures of Truth. 

In his forward to this work, Brother Hawtin wrote, "For many years I have felt that the gems dug from the mine of eternal truth through the anointed ministry of A.P. Adams, who wrote from about 1885 to 1925, were far too rich to be allowed to be lost to the present generation. I consider it, therefore, to be profitable that I should take in hand the task of compiling some of these precious unfoldings of truth that thousands of others, who have never had opportunity to be edified by his works, may now be blessed by them.

"God hath set in the church teachers; but like all other true ministries there are never more than a small handful of them at any given time. We are probably aware that many thousands of men profess to be teachers of the word of God, but in truth they are really merely "warming up" the traditions of the past as a housewife might warm up the leftovers of yesterday. There are many thousands of good musicians in the world, repeating the melodies of the great composers of the past, but they themselves are not composers. So it is with the theologian, if indeed there be such, who rewrites and re-hashes from his own study that which was taught by the ancients.

"I have often smiled as I have wondered what the common theologian who lived in 1885 must have thought of the truth unfolded by A.P. Adams. I am sure many of them must have thought he was some mad heretic that was only leading mankind astray.

"Our Lord Jesus Christ was received gladly by the common folk of His day. Let us never forget that fact. The publicans and sinners "heard Him gladly" and responded to His message, but the old systems and the old theologians contradicted and blasphemed and never were at rest until they had hung Him upon a cross. Let us always remember that. But truth does not die upon a cross. It lays down its life that it may take it up again in greater power than ever before.

"It is with great pleasure that I present these few articles from the works of A.P. Adams that you may be blessed and edified as I also have been."

Sincerely in Christ our Lord,

Geo. R. Hawtin



                        All Things Are of God                                                                                The Purpose of Evil


                    The Atonement                                                                                            The Purpose of Trials


                    Divinity of Christ                                                                                         Robbed by Orthodoxy


                    End of the Ages                                                                                           Sodom


                    Faith and Works                                                                                          Sword and Garment


                    Free Moral Agency                                                                                      Terminology of the Atonement


                    How Many Ways of Salvation?                                                                   Theological Reversals


                    Humanity of Christ                                                                                      Title of the Paper


                    Judgment                                                                                                     The True Basis of Redemption


                    Objections vs. Bible Proof                                                                           Trusting


                    Orthodoxy                                                                                                   Two Accounts of Creation


                    Probation                                                                                                     We Are God's Workmanship


                    Purpose in Creation                                                                                     We See Jesus


                    The Purpose of the Law                                                                              What is Man?


                    Why Did Christ Die?