Exposing the False Doctrine of Hell

The doctrine of hell as taught and believed by millions of Christians is a carnal tradition of man, which has no basis in the Holy Scriptures.  Through inaccurate Bible translations, and the carnal man’s thirst for vengeance, God’s righteous judgments have been perverted rendering Christ’s sacrifice as a failure for most men.  We’ve been told for so long that “God punishes men forever,” that we’ve come to believe it without a second thought.  Most Christians never study the doctrine of hell for themselves, but instead take the word of their pastor and what they read in their English translations.  I made the same mistake for over twenty years until I stopped listening to men and studied the subject for myself.

What a joy to my soul when I discovered the truth of the gospel!  

I pray this page will help you to “study to show yourselves approved,” that you may come to know the glorious truth of the “reconciliation of all things.” (Col. 1:20)

Tell a lie long enough, loud enough, and often enough and people will start to believe you.
Adolph Hitler

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